This is going to be my digital portfolio. This is for anyone who is interested in doing any business/professor inquiries with me.


If you have read my about page already or not, my name is Constancia Annette Casseday. You can also call me Connie if you prefer, I don’t mind. I’m in charge of this blog. I am the sole and main contributor to this blog. Everything to the planning, research, writing, editing, everything that’s all me. Blog website is www.pharaohsis.wordpress.com.

I also have a youtube and twitch accounts that I maintain allowing me to record and show videos of either myself or gameplay of video games that I have been playing currently. I haven’t been maintaining it lately just because of a big move I had but I plan on getting back to it in the near future. Youtube and Twitch website are http://www.youtube.com/user/Pharaohsis and http://www.twitch.tv/Pharaohsis.

I also self teaching myself on how to create digital (Photoshop) and traditional art (watercolors/acrylics). Many of my works (which is a slim to none right now) on my deviantart account. http://pharaohsis.deviantart.com/


Some other background things about me include:

I’m an alumni from Central Piedmont Community College where I graduated with an Associates in Arts. I achieved the Dean’s List and the GPA of a 3.0. I started going to college when I was still going to high school because I wanted to get a head start before anyone else did.

I’m also an alumni from David W. Butler High School here in Matthews, NC. I graduated with a University/College Prep Degree with a GPA of a 3.0. I was an active member of the Army JROTC program where I achieve the rank of Cadet Captain and held the position of  S-1 Adjutant in the staff. I also earn (and helped earned) several awards in JROTC: Honor Unit of Distinction, Non-commissioned of the year award, Cadet of the Year, etc. My biggest achievement is that I was the one who designed the patch on every cadets uniform and that patch will stay on everyone’s uniform for years to come.


Here is some more ‘professional’ stuffs if anyone wants it. Like resumes and stuff like that.

[+] Resume: Shared Via Dropbox

[+] Email : Pharaohsis@gmail.com

[+] Phone: (980) 636-7132

[+] Skype: Pharaohsis


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