Gaming Timeline: Part 1

It has been an eventful year for gaming. 2013, sadly, is coming to a close. I’m sad that it’s going away. It’s been a year of the NEW, internet RAGE,  PREQUELS, and LUIGI!!!  I have decided that it would be a wise idea to make a timeline to go over what has happened though out the year.

I am going to put my on little twist to it. I wrote down all the months down, put when the games came out, when events went down, and releases of new systems. What I did with all that, I wrote the first few things that I remember about it. Either it’s rumors that either got debunked or not, game play, voice actors, etc. Each part will have three months and go on from there.


So without further ado, lets start our timeline:

~~January 2013~~

1/15- DMC: Devil May CryOh look! It’s Dante.. Being Dante. Just he doesn’t have white hair… It’s. Black.

1/22- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Studio Ghibli creators of the animated movies like Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away and Level-5 makers of the White Knight Chronicles meet up and make a role playing game about a little kid wanting to see him mum again. Total. Tear. Jerker. Within the first 10 minutes.

~~February 2013~~

2/4- Fire Emblem Awakening, Sold like 180k units in the first month.

2/5- Dead Space 3First Dead Space game with Co-Op and weapon crafting. 

2/12- Aliens: Colonial Marines, Don’t play as a Xeno in Multiplayer… You are going to get owned. Also, there was tons of negative reviews about how the A.I. was super buggy and that the game play was unbalanced.

2/19- Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Raiden’s story. Where he acts way too much like a bad ass, which is really weird for his character. I’m so use to the pussy, cry baby Raiden. Also, I didn’t like the fact that they kept on calling him ‘Jack the Ripper’.[Feels the death glares of all the Raiden fans… Sorry I just don’t like him…] This is where the guys from Kojima Productions and the guys from Platinum games [you know the people who made Bayonetta] game together and made a hack and slash…

2/20-22- Sony reveals new gaming console,  You know that new shiny PlayStation 4. It’s all about the gamer now!!

~~March 2013~~

3/5- SimCity. Hey, it’s that game that EA released. You know the one with all the server problems!? The one where reviewers had to hold of review the game… Just because they couldn’t get on the servers to play the game. All because the game had to be connected to the internet at all times or you would get booted off. Still need help remembering?! Fine. You know the game where EA had to disable game features and give free games out to annoyed gamers because they couldn’t play the game that they paid 60 dollars for. Still don’t remember? Neither do I. [But I do own it, lol.]

3/5- Tomb Raider, The game that showed the progression of gaming graphics. We went from triangle boobies to now round, more realistic breasts. This was the game that revealed why Laura Croft likes jumping into tombs that might kill her later down the road because some really cool treasure with mystical magical powers may or may not be in there. Oh yeah… It also had a multi player too…

3/12- God of War: Ascension, Santa Monica’s continued story about this guy who keeps on pissing off the gods and regrets the fact that he killed his wife and daughter. All because a god tricked him into doing it too. Yet, he still finds a way to have sex with random girls still.

3/12- StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, The second part of a three part story that Blizzard is doing. This time the story is centered on the sexy Zerg Kerrigan and her plot of revenge on people who just messed her life over. Yet, she still finds a way to screw herself over just because of this stupid revenge thing. She should just stay with the guy and live her life happly ever after. The end. But playing as the Zerg. Kick. Ass.

3/19- Gears of War: Judgement, Epic Game’s prequel about guys and girls that look like they are on steroids and have chainsaws and yell a lot.  

3/19- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Killing monsters on my 3DS and I can use my circle pad pro.

3/22- Resident Evil 6, Look a Resident Evil game that is nothing like Resident Evil 4. All I remember it had Co-Op and Chinese zombies.

3/24- Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Second Installment of the awesome Mario’s brother’s adventure into mansions filled with ghosts. 

3/26- BioShock Infinite, The story was really confusing but amazing. It has Troy Baker as a voice actor. FYI this guys does an amazing job voice acting. You should vote for him for like the greatest voice actor. In. The. World.

3/22-24- PAX East You know that thing that they hold at the Boston Convention Center each year. THE PENNY ARCADE EXPO.


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