E3, A Month Later: Microsoft

With the recent conference of Microsoft announcing a new system, the Xbox One, we knew that they were going to plan on showing their new system off and finally some games. So lets get started!

First off, we had the all great an awesome Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear series, come on the stage to show the new Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. As a big fan of the Metal Gear series, I’m really really really excited for this all new open world Metal Gear game. Why? IT’S BIG BOSS. You know the main character from Metal Gear Solid 3  and Peace Walker. I have to admit, I was one of the butt hurt fans that did get upset that David Hayter wasn’t going to be the voice of Snake this go around. But I have to admit,  Kiefer Sutherland looks like hes going to do an amazing job as Big Boss. The world looks amazing on the new Fox Engine and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on the game when it comes out.

They showed some really cool games that are coming out for the Kinect. Honestly, it didn’t appeal so much that I would spend the money for a system just to use the Kinect. Like Ryse: Son of Rome looked cool… Sorta. I still feel better playing with a controller the whole time if I were to get that game.

Halo is going to be on it. Master Chief is going to be in it. That’s pretty much it. They just showed a fancy trailer for the game. We don’t know if it’s going to be apart of the main series or not.

Lets get onto the system itself, it’s going to cost $499. Why? Because you are getting a system with blu-ray, 500 GB hard drive, Kinect, the new controller, etc. Companies like GameStop and Amazon are already taking preorders for the new system. They even put a it-might-be-coming-around date of November 21st.

Remember Microsoft Points? Remember how freaking confusing to use the points were at the beginning? Like why does 800 points equal 5 dollars or something weird like that? Shoot, I even got confused trying to explain to people, especially parents, how buying stuff on Xbox Live took these ‘points’. Well, Microsoft is finally getting rid of them. If I remember correctly, they are just going to use dollar increments.

Xbox Live members get free games. Like they are already getting, Assassin’s Creed II, and Halo 3 for free. This plan sounds so familiar… Doesn’t anyone know the plan called PlayStation Plus? Same concept. You spend money a month, 3 months, or for a year and you get free games. You will still need Xbox Live to play online though. They are trying to make it more of an incentive to subscribe to the service. Because paying for you to watch your paid subscriptions to Netflix or Hulu isn’t incentive enough?

Oh yeah. They made a remodel of the Xbox 360. Dubbed the Xbox 360 E model, it was made to look more like the new Xbox One.

Now the biggest thing that Microsoft got nailed for… You ready for this? It was the always on, must-check-in-on-the-internet-every-24-hours, craziness. Meaning, if you wanted to use the system for any reason, play a single player game, watch Netflix, play a multiplayer game, watch television, etc. The system has to ‘check-in’ every 24 hours. If not, the system would become a big fancy brick that won’t allow you to play games, even your single player games.

Oh, want to trade in your games or let your friend borrow them? Here, lets make you pay to play them. Sorta like online passes that EA had, which you don’t need anymore, if you wanted to play preowned games or borrowed games, you have to still pay even more.

The rage about this got so bad that Don Mattrick, who was the president of anything Xbox, told the press, if you don’t like the always on… Just get an Xbox 360. Seriously? You are going to tell gamers who want to play the latest games, to down grade if they don’t like it. Don Mattrick has now moved on from the world of Xbox to becoming the CEO of Zynga and also being apart of their board of directors. [I didn’t even know Zynga was that big enough to have a board of directors to be honest.]

Microsoft did finally take the hint when they started to notice the hate. They did away with the always on and the fee requirement for the preowned games. The system does require internet day one when you get it. This is for a system update that will do away with the requirements.  Also, the system will not be region locked anymore. So you want to import some games from Japan that you want to play. Go ahead, do it. The system can take it now!



When I was watching the conference at E3, I’m sorry but I was super disappointed with the whole thing. The games were the only thing that kept the excitement up for me. I just wish that that looming always on and extra requirements didn’t bring the system down. I have to admit, they are doing some stuff right for Microsoft, but I know they could do a lot better. If they thought more about the gamers and the people that were going to buy their system a little bit more, I think they would of had a successful conference.

Every year, I complain about this. But I think the whole idea of live gaming previews need to stop. They never work and it’s annoying. Also, I think the Kinect needs to go away. Why does it have to be with the system all the time? [Yes, it is required to be connected in the system.] AND WHY DOES IT STILL SOUND MORE LIKE A GLORIFIED MICROPHONE THAN ANYTHING ELSE?! I think a headset would do just fine if I want to use voice commands. Oh and the use of the Microsoft Glass is a cool idea but if it was a lot cheaper that would be cool.

Oh and can we stop being so mysterious about the Halo game? I would love to know what it is. Is it a prologue to Master Chief? Or is it actually THE NEXT GAME IN THE SERIES!


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We shall see the success of the of the Xbox One during the holidays. With all this bad rep that Microsoft has been getting,  it can either be a hit or miss. Are you going to be getting the new Xbox One? Or are you going to wait for more news about the system?? Or are you just going to completely wait because the system is just too pricey for you?


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