There was two games that really got me to start liking video games at a really early age. It was Doom and Wolfenstein. Yes guys, even before there was such things as Call of Duty and Battlefield, I was playing first person shooters.

I remember them well too. I had to stick this thing called a flop disk into the computer. We had CD drives but they weren’t too popular and were sorta expensive to get our hands on at the time. So I would shove this square thing into the computer and this command screen would pop up. I would ask my dad to put in the command line to start the game and here I was playing this guy who was in a maze-jail-thing looking left in right for Nazis that came shooting at me.

I remember how much I kept on dying and stuff like because I really didn’t fully grasp the concept of that the Nazis were shooting me with their guns. I thought I could sneak around them and get out of the crazy maze… Which was super hard and took me till I was like 10 to figure it out.

Gosh… I sorta wonder how kids would react to my idea of a first person shooter was. It was sorta of an addiction playing the game. Once I finally beat that one I got my hands on Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Which I have to admit was a pretty fun game. Reminded me a lot of the old Wolfenstein  game just with more ‘maze’ to do. Seriously there was times where I just kept on getting lost in this game more than I did in the original.

Then I sorta had a fallout on the whole PC gaming idea and went into handle held gaming for a while. I was on top of that Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario games for a while. I had to hide my gaming addiction from my parents anyways because my parents wanted me to focus on school more than I could on the whole gaming thing.

Then when I finally got a new system, which was the Playstation 3. I played the Wolfenstein game on that. Which was… Sad to say… Terrible. I hated it. I gritted my teeth playing it. The story was pretty cool but the game play. What. The. Hell. It had the whole Nazi taking over the world thing but with magical powers. Come on… Get real. If I want something with magical Nazis I rather play BloodRayne. [Which I did when I had the GameCube.]

Now, lets take some of the recent events… There is a new Wolfenstein game that is coming out! Excitement!

Bethesha showed some screenshots from this amazing trailer that just came out this week. The music is just amazing for the trailer.

I’m super excited!


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