Pokemon? [Updated]

I hope you have been keeping up with the news. Finally there is a new Pokemon game coming out for the 3DS that isn’t a spin off of the game.

Yes, because I know someone is going to send me an email explaining how there is a few pokemon games that have come out for the 3DS like Rumble, Pokedex 3D, Dream Radar

Anyways, if you are one who got a 3DS over the winter holidays or was like me and had one since day one, you probably know about Nintendo Direct. You know where you can watch videos about upcoming information about the system(s) or games.

Well there was this long presentation that was a little over 11 minutes for Pokemon. Explaining the history of the games and how it use the accessories like the link cable, etc. to revolutionize the pokemon game.

Do you remember having that link cable to trade or battle with your friends?? I do. Only one person had one in my group of friends, so we would always pester him to come out and play so we can trade pokemon.

So there is a new Pokemon game coming out called X and Y. They ran out of colors so now they are using letters and also the legendaries are in the shape of the letter X and the letter Y, but more on that later.

If you were under a rock in the past day and don’t have a clue on what I’m talking about here is the trailer for you:

The graphics and the character/pokemon designs are wonderful and… Pretty! I really cannot wait to play. Also those ROLLER SKATES! Something unheard of in the pokemon series. Remember we have bikes and those running shoes!

If you have missed it here are the starters for you:

From the left is your fire starter named Feenekin! This is the main one that I’m going to pick because it’s adorable and it’s literally a FIREFOX! I hope you get it… Because that was really lame on my part.
Next, is Chespin your grass starter. Which oddly looks like a Pangolin to me that is standing on his hind legs, but I could be wrong… I think it looks like one just because of how it’s feet are and the tail. It also looks like a beaver too… I don’t know.
If you don’t know what a Pangolin is… Here is a picture of one:

This one is a tree Pangolin. I have to say it looks like cross between a sloth and an anteater. This animal is a mammal that has scales. 

Lastly, on your far right, is Froakie the frog water pokemon. This one, I have to admit, is my least favorite out of the three starters. I have to wait for their evolutions to really make a judgement call on this.

Now, which one am I going to get? Well it all depends on the legendaries. If it’s going to do what they did in the first black and white, by switching  it up on me where I have to get white for the black legendary which was Zekrom. I’m going to be a little upset. It was throw me in a loop why don’t you?

I would want to get Pokemon X, if they keep their legendaries straight with the name of the games. Now what have drawn me to the conclusion of me wanting X… THE FREAKING LEGENDARY IS A DEER WITH FREAKING RAINBOW ANTLERS! Who wouldn’t want that?!

Now we just I have to wait for more news about it and all the new pokemon that are coming out and more gameplay.

[January 9th, 2013]

The legendaries have names now! Are you excited to find out what they are called?!

Meet Xerneas and Yvetal!

Read More About It:
US Pokemon Official Website
Bulbapedia: The community driven Pokémon encyclopedia


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