My First Post of 2013!

Sorry for the longest break ever known to man. The holiday rush for work has totally ran me ragged but now I am back and ready to blog for you guys!

First, I hope you had an amazing New Years. Welcome to 2013, take that Mayans!!

Second, here is a picture of candy as an apology for my readers who actually read my blog:

Lately, I have gotten back to the swing of playing Team Fortress 2. It’s been quiet a while since I played it. I feel like such a noob. I have taken tons of screenies for you guys and actually started to livesteam my playthroughs on

This is the best spray ever. 

We got some Evangelion fans!

So someone made Hyrule Castle from Windwaker. Best map ever!

And then they have to turn off gravity.

It’s the KING!

Bread dog. Yes. It does look like a pug!

A close up picture of the KING!

All the sprays from the other team.

I love this placement of this sonic spray!

Um… Yeah. This is a my little pony map…

Mega Man anyone?!

You can probably tell that my favorite class is Pyro. Right now, because I did come back to the game I’m trying to get a better feel from which is my solid, best class for me. I don’t really want to be an engineer like I have been last time I played. I don’t know what it was when I first started playing Team Fortress 2… I always liked being the engineer. 
And now for your viewing pleasure:

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