There is this game that I have been playing for over four years on and off called Mabinogi. It’s a massively multiplayer online role playing game that is based off of Irish Mythology and the Mabinogion.   The game was developed by devCAT studios and distributed by the company called Nexon. The distributors is pretty famous for a series of other games as well like Vindictus and MapleStory. 

The game is pretty simple. It’s based off a so call ‘fantasy life’ where you become what is called a Milletian. A Milletian can either be a human, giant, or elf. The difference of you being a Milletian compared to the other characters in Erinn is that you cannot die. Furthermore, you can also rebirth a much as you like and this is where you can change your appearance and level back down to 1. You are taken to this world called Erinn where you live your days either running dungeons or shadow missions, trade items with other cities in the world through commercing, train your skills, cook food, run part-time jobs, do events, talk with your friends, play music, etc. There is a lot that you can do in the game. 
There are plenty amount of skills that you have to rank up through the concept of AP, advancement points. For every time you age, which is every Saturday in real time, and level up, you gain a certain amount of AP. Those points can then be use to rank up any skill if you have the right amount of them. For example, if you want to rank the skill called ‘smash’ from rank F to E you will need 1 AP. It’s gets harder the more you rank your skill up. So instead of paying 1 AP to rank up your smash kill you might need 30 when you want to rank it from 2 to 1 (which is the strongest rank for any skill).
There is a main story line in the game. In the form of generation quests/mainstream quests, the player can save the world of Erinn. You learn about a great war that happened along time ago between the Formors and the inhabitants of Erinn. The main conflict of the war is due to the anger between the Goddess Morrighan  and the God Cichol. This is also how the character learns how to be come a Paladin or Dark Knight. Also, you get to travel to another continent to learn about the war between the Giants and the Elves. Then you learn how to become a Demigod and use the skills of the gods to destroy your enemies or use it like I do… When I’m trap, I scream and active my demigod. <– Loser noob moments when those happen.
Yep, that is me a cute little noob demigod.
Anyways, remember how I told you I am a sucker for anything mythological? You don’t? Well, I am. I love anything that is based off a myth, legend, old stories, and plays. With the Mainstream quests, the base the story off the Mabinogion. Also, places in Erinn are named off of real areas in our world. Like Stonehenge can be found in the game and instead of aliens taking you to a far off place, you use it to teleport to a place call the shadow world. This is where you can run shadow missions in a world that is the opposite of the Erinn.
Here is a massive amount of screenshots that I have taken in the past year of me playing the game:
This is me helping my friend make thunder crystals.

Me running a dungeon. I’m more looking for passes so I can get a certain dungeon to find a page to fill a skill book that I need.

Spider hunting.
Me summoning pets.

My friend and I after we froze some mobs.

Myself as a Paladin. The only real time you will ever see me like this.

This is me as a Dark Night with my friend who was ghosting around.
I would totally suggest this game to anyone who wants a good MMO and doesn’t really want to be paying any monthly fees. The story is great and the gameplay is smooth-ish (I’ll go on more about that later). It now give any new player more sense on what to do unlike when I started a long time ago. They dropped me into the world and told me complete this quest, don’t tell me how to really ‘complete’ it. I even remember when I had to pay for a premium service if I just wanted to use the Paladin or the Dark Knight transformations, let alone just do the Mainstream Quests. But now it’s all free, you can still get the premium service if you like, but it’s not really that necessary. 
I have to admit as fun as the game is… The game is a mmorpg. This means that the games are run on servers that allow you to play with other people. There does come a point where the servers ‘act up’ and start to lag a lot due the high volume/amount of people that are on the game at one give point. I don’t know what is up with the game lately, but it’s lacking the fun just due to the crappy servers. I can’t even complete attacks or even finish quests ‘smoothly’ without a huge lag spike. It’s worse when you are playing with your guild, you are in a Skype chat with them, and then all of a sudden you all you ‘lag’ at the same time. Not fun. I really won’t mind if Nexon took the game down for a few days to fix that whole lag problem. There is other games that I could play, so it won’t be the end of the world.
But overall, I had made a lot of memories playing this game and, hopefully, make many more till I get really bored of the game or I find a full time job!!!

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