Remember Virtue’s Last Reward?

Yes? No?

Well, I did get that game and got all the endings to beat that game. No Joke. I clocked in a good 45 hours to beat the game. I didn’t know that I could ‘jump’ around in the game and skip escape rooms that I already beaten. At least I figured it out after three endings. I was determined to Platinum the game, but for some reason I’m missing some files and didn’t get the True Final Ending. So I didn’t get to Platinum the game.

Just like with Persona 4 the Golden, I took screenshots of the game. One, when I got really confused in certain parts. I would just stare at the shot till I figure how to solve the puzzle. I have to admit the game did give me some nightmares about if the world ended instead of crazy zombies trying to kill us… It’s actually ourselves through a virus called Radical-9 that slows your brain down to a radical 9 speed, after a while you lose your mind and then kill yourself. No cool.

Besides all the crazy, shit, that happens in the game, it’s a lot of fun and challenging. It a graphic novel with finally, ALL fully voiced (except for Sigma who is the main character). It’s a lot of reading/listening and crazy shit. I have to imply the shit because it’s not just crazy and really really weird. It’s a lot of twists, turns, confusion, understanding, then go right back to confused, and lost.

The game totally screws with your head and your sense of reality. It’s a Professor Layton game gone completely wrong. If you like lots of Death, Death, Death, Blood, World Ending Plots, and Creepy Bunnies, this game is totally for you.

The following is some screenshots that I took from the game. Beware if you are one who doesn’t like spoilers or random gore [like blood] then don’t scroll down.

K riding on Zero III. Isn’t this cute!

All the characters that play the Notary Game.

The other characters talking to you (Sigma).

This is one of the many puzzles that you will find in the Escape Parts.

The MC of the game Zero III.

All those pink skulls represent all the people who died in this timeline.

Luna sleeping.


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