Nyan Cat.

Many may not know that the cat that inspired the meme, Nyan Cat, has passed away.

Marty is a cat that Chris Torres, Nyan Cat’s creator, adopted.

Marty was diagnosed a fatal, incurable disease called: Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). Around 19 hours ago (from this post) Chris tweeted the following: “For a while today it looked like he was getting better, but unfortunately, at around 9pm tonight he got convulsions and passed on my arms.”

Above is the gif of the cute, sad, pop tart cat when you go on the website.

R.I.P Marty, your cute kitty self will be remembered ❤

Read More About It:
“RIP Marty — the Inspiration for Nyan Cat”
“Feline Infectious Peritonitis”
“Sad Nyan Cat”
“Chris Torres – Twitter”


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