Apple Event Closing Remarks.

I was doing a Live Blog via twitter earlier today while I was watching the livestream of the keynote for the Apple Event today (October 23, 2012). If you haven’t seen it here it is: “iPad Mini? -Live Blog-“ I’m going to divide the Apple Event  into three ‘main topics’. Main topics I found the most interesting in the whole keynote in order of interest. The most interested is the last thing.

13 Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Lets start with the main points of the new 13 inch MacBook Pro.

  • It’s a full 13″ Retina Display Computer. (2560 x 1600 pixels) 
  • It’s 3.57 pounds.
  • Up to 2.9 GHz dual core Intel Core i7 processor
  • 8 GBs of Memory
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
For More Information:
I’m just going to state one thing about the MacBook Pro. It’s pretty… Graphics wise. They talked about how crisper the image on the MacBook is much different than a HDMI television. It’s going to be great for video makers and photographers to see their new photos in that crisp, clear, clean screen. It’s going to be compact and easier to bring around than say the 15 inch MacBook. I actually can’t wait to see some gaming on it and see if the graphics do stack up to a pc computer that is rigged up with the best hardware out there. That is something I definitely want to see tested out.
Having the new operating system, Mountain Lion, they explained that it’s going to have dictation, power nap, iMessaging, and Game Center. There are many more functions in the new operating system, but that is a lot to talk about and I have two more topics to talk about.
Dictation allows you to dictate (talk) to your computer if you don’t want to type and ‘speak’ your whole paper. I know anyone who is in school would love to do that. I did hear that Dragon Dictation is a lot better than the Mountain Lion’s dictation.
Power Nap is a pretty niffy idea that I wish my computer can do. It updates your computer while you have it in sleep mode. It will update your mail, calendar, reminders, notes, etc. So when you wake up your computer from it’s nap, your information on the computer is updated without having to wait. 
iMessaging is cool idea for people who have iDevices (iPhone and/or iPad) to talk to their friends without having to be near your iPhone so you don’t miss anything and your can reply on the spot. It’s great. The only time it does suck is when your friends iPhone runs into a place with no data or wireless, the messages won’t send. It a little harder to run into that problem now seeing how the newer iPhones run on LTE.
Lastly is the Game Center, this is best used for any Mac gamers out there. They do have Steam available for Apple Computers. It does have a lot features that Steam has. For example, it shows how many games you have played either on your computer, iPhone, and/or iPad. There are points that you can get for every achievement you get in all the games you play. It also shows how many friends you have that also use Game Center. As a gamer, I do use this only for my iPhone and iPad. As you all know, I’m a big completionist and I like to get all the achievements for all the games I can play.

Starting at 
Read More About It:
iPad with Retina Display

This is the fastest iPad and has the best graphics. Of course, you are going to be dropping more money for it as well. Here are the main parts of the iPad:
  • It has a Retina Display.
  • It has a diagonal of 9.7 inches.
  • It’s resolution of 2048 x 1536.
  • There are 264 pixels per inch.
  • It has the fastest processor from the iPad family with the A6X.
  • FaceTime Camera- 1.2 MP pictures 720p HD video.
  • iSight Camera- 5 MP pictures 1080p HD video.
  • Wireless Only or LTE/Wireless.
Just like the MacBook, you get that really pretty picture for videos and gameplay. The faster processor also for a lot of multitasking and gaming. When I use my iPad (I have an iPad 2), it’s mostly for videos, reading, typing up notes, and surfing the web. It does really well in that department, especially at school. I loved using it than my computer just because I rather have something that weigh less than my books and it didn’t take up that much room.
I do game on it from time to time, but the sheer size of it doesn’t really make it easy. For example, when you are playing a game that involves the gyroscope usually racing games, it’s hard to control the wheel when you have the size and the weight playing against you. Most of the time, you will play it up in the air and it does get tiring holding it up. The multitouch on iPad makes gaming a lot easier when you need to swipe in multiple places without the iPad not register the multitouch. Also, I like that you can play music when you play your games. So if you don’t want to hear the game music, you can listen to your own.
  Starting at 16GB with wifi only
Read More About It:

iPad Mini

This what I was waiting for the most. Why? I always wanted a smaller iPad that can fit in my purse so I can take it with me everywhere. It’s enough for me to use for day to day things. I can take notes on my iPad, like groceries, and bring it with me when I got out. Because of the iCloud, I can type up information on my computer and haven’t synced to the iPad so I can be up to date on information. I would probably use it just for everything that I stated above. I have a girl and anything that fits in my hand easier (that was like the ‘tag-line’ for the iPad Mini throughout the Keynote), will always be a good check for me.
It is the cheapest iPad and doesn’t have all the speed or graphics like the iPad HD. Which doesn’t bother me. Here are the main parts of the iPad Mini:
  • Weight: 0.68 pounds.
  • 7.9 inch diagonal.
  • It had the same resolution like the iPad 2. 1024 x 768.
  • It has 163 pixels per inch
  • Contains the dual core A5 chip
  • Has the same cameras just like the iPad HD: FaceTime Camera- 1.2 MP pictures 720p HD video.
    iSight Camera- 5 MP pictures 1080p HD video.
  • Wireless Only or LTE/Wireless
The best way to describe this new iPad mini is that it does everything all the other iPads can do (it even has Siri, unlike the iPad 2 which it was compare to a lot in the keynote). Seeing how the size of the iPad is the same as the iPad 2, the apps will not have to compensate in size. The borders is a lot thinner so you can use the screen better when just using one hand. I’m actually really interested in getting this. It won’t happen though because I have no money in the budget to get one. At least, I have the iPad 2.
  Starting at 16GB with wifi only
Read/Watch More About It:
“iPad Mini”
“iPad Mini Video”


I have to admit that was a good keynote. Lots of information to suck in. I wish they spoke more on the iPad HD, they totally just went in and then went right back out from it. I knew their main focus on the iPad Mini. I was gripping my seat when I was waiting for them to mention the iPad Mini. I have to admit, when they started to talk about the Apple Mini, I thought I was going to loose it. I was watching the social stream go off about how much Apple sucked and how the droid was cheaper and better. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest droid fan just because I was introduced to the iPhone and iPad before any of the droid devices. Just trying to use them is super confusing. I won’t say they are horrible spawns of the devil. If you like to use them, go ahead use them. You just won’t catch me using them. [Waits for hate e-mails and tweets later].

Also, I just would like to put few keywords on the Keynote today. They are slim, smaller, and faster. That’s most of the words I heard throughout the Keynote. It sums it quite nicely.

Watch the Keynote Here:
“October 23- Apple Keynote”


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