Keldeo is a pokemon that you can get for Pokemon Black and White. He is a special kind of pokemon that can be transferred from Black and White into the Black and White Version 2.

This pokemon is based off the story of the Three Musketeers. Where Keldeo is based off the d’Artagnan, who is the youngest and the newest member to the group. In the Pokemon game, Keldeo is part of the Sword of Justice. The members are made up of Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo. Their main objective is to protect pokemon from humans expanding and destroying their homes.

Members of the Sword of Justice.

Keldeo has a special move that he learns Secret Sword. Which is a move that the other three members (Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion) teach him how to use the move. When he learns Secret Sword, he changes into his Resolute Form. 
The way to do it is to Floccesy Town and next to Alder’s teaching hut, there will be a path that leads to the woods. Follow the path and go to a really big tree that has some rather large slash marks. ‘Talk’ to the tree and Keldeo starts to go crazy. He will want to get out of his pokeball. When you let him, he will start looking at the tree and then say that he can learn Secret Sword. Teach him the move and you will get  a cut scene showing him going into his Resolute Form. I have a video for you too!
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