PlayStation Plus.

As a PlayStation gamer, I get a lot of questions about one of the many services on PlayStation.

For example:
  • Is there a Xbox Live version for the PlayStation?
  • What is PlayStation Home?
  • What is the PlayStation Network?
  • What is PlayStation Plus?
To quickly answer all of them:
  • No there is not. You do not pay to play with your friends using the internet.
  • PlayStation Home is where your ‘avatar’ can hang out with other people. You can play games on there, decorate places, watch demos, etc.
  • PlayStation Network where our usernames to tie too, we can get digital download of games, etc.
Now, let us move onto the topic of PlayStation Plus. 
PlayStation Plus is a paid service that is offered through the PlayStation Network. It offers gamers to have cloud save access up to 1GB of space. Automatic Updates that updates any games, the system software without you having to be near you PlayStation, and sync trophies to the PlayStation Network. You get full game trials for games, before you think about buying a game. Also, you can get exclusive and early access to games before they come out and before other PSN members can get their hands on them.
I just have to pay the price of the membership. You can either pay as you go or have it run like a subscription. I pay for the price of the membership when I can. But it does suck when I don’t have PlayStation Plus, because I hate having to manually update games. So just for those reason, if I can pay a service so I can be a little lazy is totally worth it.
But I haven’t even mentioned the best part of having PlayStation Plus… Free games. If you think about it, you pay to play free full games. For example, I got PlayStation Plus last month, because I wanted to get my hands of Jet Set Radio. The last time I played that game was when it was on the Dreamcast. So, now that I can get my hands on the remake for the PS3 and get it early. I most totally would drop the money for the subscription. That is just for the ‘exclusive and early access‘ part of the service. Back on topic, free games. I got a hold of Borderlands, Infamous 2, and LittleBigPlanet 2. They always update every month with new games that you can play, so you will never run out of games to play. The only con about the free games is that if you run out of your PlayStation Plus subscription, you won’t be able to play your free games. But once you find out how much it is a month. It’s not that bad. 
This is the free games that you can get this month. 

The best part of this month is that you are going to get the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Exclusive Beta, you getting the early assess to the game The Unfinished Swan, and you get Payday the Heist for free. 
[This is a massive sidenote for a new game.] I’m really excited for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The best way to explain the game is take all the PlayStation faces like Kratos, Fat Princess, SackBoy, etc and there are some others as well that aren’t strictly PlayStation faces like Heihachi Mishima, Raiden, etc, put them into something like Super Smash Brothers. 

Now enjoy this really long video of demo play for the game! 
Now, I know you are asking, how much is this going to cost me if I were going to get it. Alright, drum roll: 
Seriously, it’s not that much and you can buy the cards for PlayStation Plus at GameStop, Target, Best Buy, etc. So you don’t have to put your credit card on the PlayStation Network. 12 months is almost the same price of a full priced new game. It’s honestly not that much and the savings that you get is quite amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who buys a PlayStation 3 or a Vita. Support will be coming to the Vita soon. I haven’t seen anything on my Vita about it yet. 
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