Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

I have to admit… I am into to some ‘weird’ games. I say weird, because there are some people that think the games that I get are really really crazy and down right… Odd. Well this is one of the ‘odd’ games that I’m getting this coming Tuesday.

Zero Escape: Virture’s Last Reward.
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita
MRSP: $39.99
ESRB: Mature
Availability: Available Now! Released on October 23, 2012

Now I’m going to get the questions about how ‘weird’ and how ‘odd’ it is. Lets just start with this. It’s a ‘scary’ game. If you mess up a lot and don’t use that thing called a brain, you will die.

The game is a visual novel, that you make choices for your actions. Like those books or flash games that you either played or read, you read the scenario and you choice how to go on with the story.


“You have found a mysterious door. Will you:

  • Open the door
  • Kick the door down
  • Look for another opening
  • Run away”

Something like that. If you mess up, you can go back and fix it. Well in the visual novel, you can sorta do that either by saving a lot, if the game lets you, die, keep on going with it, or just replay the game over and over again.

Well, this game is just like that, but you have parts were you have to find clues. In scenarios where you have to find a way out and add to the story. The game comes after predecessor, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, [one of the few mature games that came out for the DS].  I have played the demo of the game, the visual novel part and the clue finding part as well. I have taken screenshots on my vita to show you:

This is a picture during the opening.

Another picture during the opening, didn’t take it that great though.

The following are screenshots during the visual novel.

I won’t have pictures up of the clue finding section of the game till I get it on Tuesday, because I’m too lazy of taking screenshot when I’m in that mode. Sorries.. I just want to see how fast I get the demo part of the game down. Fast time (no including talking): 2 minutes 30 seconds. 
I just can’t wait for the game to come out so I can scare myself. I haven’t had a real good scare lately. I mean the flash game called Slender made me jump, but it didn’t scare me. Resident Evil 6 isn’t scaring me at all. FYI I’m almost done with Chris’ story. I finished Dishonored with the High Chaos (saving Emily) and I’m going to replay the game and, hopefully, get the Low Chaos ending. God, I hate how I just kill everyone. I need to be more patient when I game. 

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