iPhone Apps.

You got that new shiny iPhone 5. Now what are you going to put in it? Some games of course!

Well, I have an iPhone and of course I do use it for gaming when I don’t have my PS Vita or my 3DS on me. Just to let you know, I usually always have my mobile gaming devices. But when I don’t have them for some really odd reason, I will have to end up playing around my iPhone.

I have a little folder dedicated to gaming apps. It’s not a really large amount of games, but it’s enough to keep me occupied for a few hours.
Lets start with the quick 8 games that I have on there. 
Price: Free
First is my Steam app, it lets me know how many of my friends are on, a quick look at the games that are on the store [like if there are any sales or if I’m in a conversation with someone and they mention a game I should check out], I can also look at any Steam news as well, etc. 
Price: $2.99 (iPhone/iPod Touch) 
$6.99 (iPad)
I have to have Plants vs Zombies on my iPhone. It’s a quick strategy game that takes a time away when I have a strike of boredom when I’m out. The objective of the game is to protect your house from the zombies coming in and eating your brains. To protect your house, you have plants that have ‘special’ powers. For example, there are plants called Peashooters, that shoot peas at the zombies and you watch them take out the zombie’s limbs out, etc. The zombies get harder the more you progress through the game. They will get out screen doors, wear buckets on their heads, can jump over wall-nuts, etc. If they get too close to your Plants, they will start eating your plants and destroy them. 
Price: $2.99
Battleheart is a little RPG. Which I have to admit, the game is really cute and the characters are really adorable. You just fight monsters and get money and experience for defeating them. With the money that you get, you can either hire on more party members or buy equipment for your other party members. I really enjoy it.
Price: Free
Diner Dash is in here. I haven’t been playing it a lot, though. They changed it a lot and is asking me to buy more levels all the time. Which is starting to get annoying… I felt like, I got this app when you had to pay for it and now I have to buy more levels for the game I bought. It’s DLC, or in this case, in game app purchases gone crazy. It’s another strategy game where you have to help raise money for starting or failing restaurants. You have to take care of your customers by either being quick or patient, sit them away from loud customers, sit them in the correct color seats [you don’t have to but it helps out a lot with your combos].  
Price: $0.99
Plague, Inc. is a game where you have to ‘brew’ a human killing bio-machine in the form of either a virus, bacteria, etc. The objective of the game is to ‘brew’ the killing bio-machine to end up killing off the human population. First you have to infect everyone, then make it so it starts slowly killing off them [just so you won’t kill everyone that you infect automatically, because you want them still infecting other people as well], and then watch the world just going down the drains. There are many factors that help out or mess up your progression. You, also, have to stop the humans from finding a cure, because how are you going to destroy the population when they find a cure and fix everyone that is infected…?
Price: $0.99
Bejeweled is more for a quick strategy game. I usually play it when I’m in a car or I’m waiting for something. You have to find a way to link 3 or more jewels together till you run out of possibilities, time, or butterflies reach the top of your screen. I just combined all the game modes that you can get in the game into one description. 
Price: Free
Draw Free. I play it wil my boyfriend and a friend. It’s pretty much pictionary but you can cheat and write the word without getting penalized for it. You gain coins for every correct guess you do. You can use those coins to get new paint and bombs.
Price: $0.99
Robot Unicorn Attack is a game that I loved to play a lot on my computer when I wait for things to either load on my PlayStation 3 or on my computer itself. It got to the point where I started to sing the song for it and I wouldn’t stop waiting to play it either. So I just decided to get it on my iPhone. Objective of the game is to avoid falling off the platforms, crashing into stars or other platforms, and collecting stars. It does speed up the longer you stay alive. I’m not the greatest at it, but I do enjoy when the little dolphins come up. 
Is there any games that you like on your iPhone, Droid, or any other smartphone that you game or use all the time?

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