Origins. A PC Gamer Nightmare.

I can tell you, as a PC gamer, I stay clear of Origins as much as physically possible. The only time I touch that program is when I have to… Sorta… It’s mostly when I have to play the Sims 3. I don’t have all the physical disks anymore from when I had to move out. So that is the only place that I have them.

But what is Origins?
Origins is a program and service that allows gamers to download games, play them, and talk to their friends using their chat options. Does that sound similar? Yes, it’s comparable to Steam which is the same kind of program and service that is a hundred times better and easier to use. [You can tell that I prefer Steam a lot more.] Also, Steam can first. I remember getting it when I got Half-Life 2 Episode Packs.  That was over 4 years ago. 
Anyways. I can tell you that I’m not the biggest EA fan either. Ever since it’s started coming out with all this serial numbers for games and use of the multiplayer. Like for me who wants to save a little bit of money getting Battlefield 3, for example, I still have to pay a ten dollar price tag just so I can get online to play with my friends. Also, I have never seen so much in-game advertising for more products in my life. It’s tempting you to spend more money [which I don’t have] to get a better game play. Just with the Sims 3. Want that pretty outfit that’s glaring down at you while your dress your Sims up? That’s going to be another 1~2 dollars? Oh like that bed that we could of put in our expansion pack but we didn’t… That’s another 10 dollars. It’s ridiculous. If I wasn’t a big fan of the Sims, I would probably drop the whole idea of getting EA games all together. 
Back to Origins. I haven’t even explained why it’s such a nightmare… First, you have game screen. 
It shows you what games that you have on your system. You can see that I have all the Sims 3 expansions downloaded and installed on my computer. I have more games like Mass Effect 3, Sims Medieval, that really bad MMO Star Wars Old Republic, and Command and Conquer. It’s has this block like set up where when you click on the game it will show you any game information, last time you played, and for how long. That’s if you play it through Origins. There are some games like the Sims where you don’t have to go through Origins to play it. There are a few cases, which I state later in the blog, where you have to go through Origins.
Now lets get to the part I hate the most. THE STORE SECTION….  It has that same block feel to it, with recommendations, new games that are coming out and available for pre-order, and extra content [DLC] that you can get for your game. I seriously think that the home store section is a uber disorganized mess.
No so semi-organized wouldn’t you say? It’s trying to find games that are easily the most annoying. You have to go on a wild goose chase and pick your ‘platform’ and then you can find a place for Rating and Genre. Yeah there is a search thing on the top right hand corner, but say if you don’t know exactly what game you are looking for or you just want to browse around. It’s ridiculous.
Home, Platform (I don’t know why they put that there), Free Games, and Deals. Home takes you to the screen that I shown already. Platform lets you look at all the games for each playing platform. Good god. It’s just a stretch to get to the game I may want. Free games are like demo or their online games that you play via the browser. For example, Sims Social, you know that Facebook game that I blogged about a while ago. It’s on there as a free game. There is no real ‘free’ games on there. As in like full playable games. 
Alright I’m at the PC side of the store and now I’m at the place where I can break it up by genre…. It’s is broken up by title, availability, platform, rating, and price. Not how I like it where I can see what is popular or the top rating games are. You just get this: 
Oh and for some people who didn’t know, if you click on the picture of the game, you can get to the screenshots and information about the game. 
Now say I have found a game that I like. Well, the chore of buying the game and then agreeing to about over three types of terms and services is a little extreme. I remember how much clicking I had to do just get the game to start downloading. And it takes freaking forever too… The download I mean. A good sized game is between 5-10 GB will take me about 5 to 6 hours to download. Verses Steam where it will take me 2-3 hours to download. That is even when I’m on the same wireless internet and I’m the only one on. 
Alright, redownloading games in an event that your system pooped out. Like mine has about two times already. I really need to get a new computer. I really love it when it asks me for a serial number. It only does that with the Sims 3. Which I don’t have anymore, the physical copy mind you, that can tell me what serial number that game is under. So off to the internet I am looking for a way to find out the serial number for the game that, I thought already had it’s serial number verified. Which it should, because why isn’t the other games asking for it? 
I really love this craziness that I’m about to bring up. Say I wanted to play Mass Effect 3. Remember I don’t use Origins that much and for some reason. Origins has an update and I declined  the update because I want to play my game and let it update later. Nope, if origins has to go offline because you put it in offline mode or you just didn’t update it. It will not let you play. Also, it doesn’t do automatic updates like Steam does and keeps everything up to date. You have to manually do that. There is no where in the settings that ask for automatic updates…
Say that you are in game and you are waiting for the game to load so you decide to go enable their web browser. For me who likes to talk to friends or tweet or look up some news while I’m waiting, it’s a pain in the butt to keep on inputting my passwords, etc while I wait. I assumed it had a history and password remember. Nope. Input it every time all the time.  Sometimes while I’m searching on the web, it will crash, making the game crash, and then I have to start all over again. So I might just pull out my MacBook or iPad to do some internet searching. 
Oh, and I don’t have any friends on Origins because they think it’s a piece of crap too and won’t even sign up for it. Technically some of them had to down the line or have their PSN tied to it. Because they do play Battlefield 3 and you need an ‘origins’ account to play on their multiplayer. I remember that origins crap on there. I wanted to say no, but I already spent the money on the game to play with my friends. 
But yeah. I’m saying if you want a more user friendly digital game distributor, I would tell you to go for Steam. 
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