Renaissance Festival

Around this time every year [October-November], our state hosts the Renaissance Festival. Which is just a really big gathering of people that dress up either in awesome Renaissance outfits or Pirates. You might find a Link or two wondering around the marketplace or the Doctor [from the Doctor Who, series] lost looking for his TARDIS.

It’s one of the biggest things I look forward to going at least twice, if I can, during the fall season. I haven’t been brave enough to dress up, but I do enjoy looking at all the amazing things the artisans bring [all around the country] to sell or for us to look at.

They have palm readers and dancers, shows that are funny or contain birds, jousting, and guys that just walk around and pester you. It’s quite entertaining.

The Renaissance Festival has an over 20+ Acre lot near the Concord Mills area that is dedicated just for them. So for me, it’s a trek just to get up there. About a good 30ish minute drive with traffic.

I mostly go for the goods that they are selling there and the food. I love me a good turkey leg. I’ve gone already this year during opening weekend and took some pictures. [I wanted to take more but I sadly didn’t… It was a really hot opening weekend.]

My boyfriend trying on the hats that were on sale. You can’t see this in this picture, but there was a really cool white feather with this!

This is one side of the marketplace. You can see all the people that dressed up for the festival.

It’s a really tall man!

This is another section of the marketplace leading to the main food ‘court’.

I took a picture of this guy just because I thought the thing that was on his shoulder was freaking adorable!

That is the main grounds for the joust that goes on.

It’s a guy with a dragon on his back.

Please tell me you know the legend of the Green Man. 
I had to, of course, take a picture of myself.

Watching a little show of kids getting Knighted.

August and I watching the show.

We moved from the kiddie show to the cute ones. The birdie show. This is the cutest Barn Owl ever!

It’s a vulture. He is sunning! 

He is wondering around for some food.

 I found this the cutest bird, apart from the barn owl! I wasn’t able to take a really good video of him flying around, but my boyfriend did. I need to find a way to grab that from him!

Alright! That is all my pictures from the Renaissance Festival!! My next post is going to be about games that I got in the past twoish weeks.

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