Wii U.

Due to the announcement of the Wii U, I’m going to blog about the system today! I have dubbed the Wii U as the large indoor DS system. Which makes sense to a lot of people and for myself as well.

Before we talk about the price and the games that are for the Wii U, lets talk about the specs of the system!

The Wii U has the basic system, you know where you put the game CD and the cords into. The main event is the GamePad. The Wii U GamePad has:

  • A 6.2-inch
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio LCD
  • Touch Screen
  • Traditional Buttons
  • Two Analog Sticks
  • Motion Control 
  • Front-Facing Camera
  • Microphone
  • Stereo Speaks
  • Rumble Features
  • Sensor Bar
  • A stylus
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Weighs about 1.1 pounds
You can use the GamePad in many ways, the ‘normal’ way which is horizontal, vertical  for like shooting arrows, use the stylus to controller the player, use it as a map while you use the traditional Wiimote, or just play using the GamePad no television.
Now lets talk about the base system itself. The following is the specs:
  • The CPU contains three cores.
  • The GPU contains a AMD Radeon “GPU7”
  • The memory goes up to one gigabyte.
  • There is about 8GB storage.
  • Expandable storage via SD cards and USB flash drives is available. 
  • There is better Wi-Fi going up to 802.11n.
  • Up to 1080p via HDMI.
  • There is 4 USB ports.
The Wii U is backwards compatible for Wii games only. No GameCube games can play on the system via disk. Also any Wii hardware: controllers, balance boards, etc can be used as well.
There are other features on the Wii U for example: 
  • Nintendo TVii, which allows you to find and engage into television shows, sports, and movies.
  • Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, and Hulu are coming to the Wii U. They may not be released on the day when the system is due to to come out. 
  • Miiverse is something that sorta reminds me of the Playstation Home. This is where gamers can come together and talk about… Video Games! Also you can play together and ask questions! 
  • Nintendo’s eShop is back. If you don’t know what it is, it’s pretty much a online store where you can download games and extra channels for your system.
  • There is something called the NFC which is short of the Near Field Communication. This is where physical real objects can interact with video games. This is making use of the new GamePad’s capabilities.

 Now lets get onto the important part, how much is this system going to cost me, when is it coming out, and what games are coming out for it. 

Lets first get the games out of the way: [You can click on the links to go to the Nintendo site to view trailers and features]
There are many more that have been announced that are coming out for the Wii U like Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect, ZombiU, etc. [Edit: 9/13 4:21pm]: Most games coming out for the Wii U will be 59.99 which is the same price (not all of them) for many games on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.
The Systems are coming in two sets the Deluxe and the Basic set. 
Starting of with the Deluxe Set:
  • Price will be starting at $349.99.
  • Nintendo Land video game will be included.
  • Black Wii U with 32GB of internal storage
  • Black Wii U GamePad
  • Wii U GamePad Stylus
  • Sensor Bar
  • AC adapter for both the console and GamePad
  • HDMI cable
  • Deluxe Digital Promotion [For every digital download you will receive points which can be redeemed for more digital content in the future.]
  • Wii U GamePad Stand 
  • Wii U GamePad Cradle
  • Wii U Console Stand
If you aren’t ready to drop an over 300 dollar investment yet there is an alternative:
The Basic Set:
  • Price starts at $299.99.
  • White Wii U with 8GB of internal storage
  • White Wii U GamePad
  • Wii U GamePad Stylus
  • Sensor Bar
  • AC adapter for both the console and GamePad
  • HDMI cable
Extra Accessories:
  • Black or White Wii U Pro Controllers
  • Wii U Console Stand
  • Wii U GamePad Stand
  • Wii U GamePad Cradle
Finally the Release Date for North America:
November 18, 2012

For more information on the Wii U and how to preorder it: please check out the official Nintendo website:
I know this is a pretty lengthy post just on the specs of the system itself, price point, and release date. Now it’s time to talk about my feelings on the system.
First off, I’m not going to drop 300+ dollars for a new system in the near future. One I just don’t have the money for it and besides Pikmin 3… There is no real interest on any of the games coming out. The real reason why I would buy any new system from Nintendo is only for Zelda. If you know me well, I’m a big Zelda fan. If the system did announced a new Zelda game coming out with the system on launch like they did with the wii, I would start saving up and preordering it as well. 
Problem is, I’m not a very big fan of that GamePad at all. I like the concept of it, but as a girl gamer… I can’t stand big controllers. Due to the fact that I have really tiny hands. Also, I know there is a Pro controller option, but that more money I have to drop on the system… Not fun. 
If I were to get any of the sets, I would get the deluxe sex because of how much internal memory it has. I know I’m going to redownload any of the games that originally got on the eShop, if I can. I don’t know if they are going to have a system transfer opinion. I hope they do.
I’m going to wait for some more news on the system before I jump into the bandwagon…

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