Luigi’s Mansion.

One of my favorite games on the Nintendo GameCube is coming out on the 3DS…

Next Year.

Yes, one of the very few games that  actually have Luigi as a main characters isn’t going to come out till 2013. This is one of the main games that got delayed and was suppose to come out a lot earlier this year. For example and the only example and best example is Bioshock Infinite. I’m actually really upset that the game isn’t coming out till next year. So you better have something extremely awesome planned with the game or I’m going to have a very grumpy blog post about it.

[As a little side note, I’m typing this at a cafe and it’s raining like crazy. Total bummer. -takes picture-]

Lets talk about Luigi’s Mansion. One of the first Mario games to come out for the GameCube in November 18, 2001. Again, it is one of the few games that has Luigi as the main character. He wins a mansion for something he didn’t enter in. Alright, like that isn’t suspicious already but this is a Mario game. So I don’t really expect them to use that much logic. Well, Mario being the awesome brother runs on ahead to go check out the mansion and tells his brother, Luigi, that to meet him up there.

Well, Luigi heads out and to his surprise… He finds his mansion to be…


If you don’t know anything about Luigi… He is a big wimp. He gets scared of everything and anything. Well, in this mansion, there are tons of ghosts. Also, Luigi can’t find his brother at all. While being attacked by the ghosts, Luigi meets up with Professor E. Gadd. He saves Luigi from the ghosts and tell him how he [Gadd] saw Luigi’s brother going up to the mansion and not coming back. Gadd has invented a vacuum that sucks up the ghosts and allows Luigi to use it to fight the ghosts to find his brother…

I’m going to stop here because I can seriously spoil it for you, but I’m not that kind of blogger. If you want to spoil it for yourself there are many Let’s Plays on the game on YouTube. One of my favorite Let’s Player played Luigi’s Mansion. Here is the first video:

Luigi’s Mansion 2 has a new spin on the old game. Instead of having just one mansion, there are multiple mansions. Instead of the flashlight stunning the ghosts which allows him to see the ghost’s hearts, you have to use a new strobe function to stun the ghosts. I’m actually interested on a hands on example of that. Furthermore, there are a lot more puzzles to solve and more clues to decipher to help Luigi get around the mansion.

He now has a cute little partner that can help him out as well, which a little ghost dog! I seen a picture on IGN which showed the little dog getting a key for Luigi.

I have to admit, it’s adorable! I wonder what else this pooch can do. -thinks- What if he could get into certain rooms because he’s so small and Luigi is too big or he can make Luigi intangible to solve puzzles or help dodge boss fights. One can only hope…

Well, as I said before the game has been pushed back till 2013, but it’s one of those games that I really can’t wait for. Because I still have only DS games for my 3DS and I really want something refreshing to play. 


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