As some of you are aware of, I did just graduated from Central Piedmont Community College in May. To show proof:

Yep. Now that I graduated… I’m stuck trying to find a job, which has been blogged about.. Twice already. But why should I find a new job… Lots of people asked why am I not going to a four year college to finish getting my bachelors degree. The answer is as simple as:


I honestly don’t have enough money to go to school, which is the biggest problem, and the colleges that are near by do not offer the degree I want as a major. The only offer them as minors…

Ugh… It’s horrible. I want to do something in my life and they don’t even offer it. You could say I take like another major for example, something artsy, and take the humanities minor… But that gets me back to square one…

How do I pay for it?

Seriously, how can I? I have a 7.40 dollar an hour job right now and I barely get 10 hours a week. So most of the time, I’m trying to find a job, find a way for transportation, play video games, paint, reteach myself how to play the violin, etc.

Most of my friends are in college right now and I’m almost jealous. Okay, I’m actually jealous that they get to better their knowledge, even though most of them don’t want to be there, and I get to waste time trying to find things to do.  

I know the next question, why not get a loan, apply for financial aid, or apply for scholarships… That’s easy to answer, scholarship to me help out a little unless if you are lucky and can get a full ride for school. Those are hard to come by… I already do my financial aid research and I would just end up getting a loan. I have to end up paying that back with interest and I rather have the money in my bank now and paying for it upfront then having to pay more than I had to originally. Also, going to school isn’t exactly…


I will give you a run down:

Say I were to go to school at UNCC, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, which is a local university located in the northern part of the city almost near Concord/Huntersville.

Here is the reference points for everything from undergrads to masters: Tuition and Fees

This is not including parking (which is extremely expensive), books, housing (like dorms), etc. I would have to pay a 2k+ price down every semester. Which isn’t too bad compared to some universities around town for example Wingate University.

Here is their undergrads website: Tuition and Fees

A 20k+ amount… I seriously can’t think why it has to be so expensive. I find it crazy. That’s why when I go to school I’m leaning going to a state school than a full private school. I wouldn’t be surprised if these prices hike up when I start going back to school. 
To show you how crazy tuition has been here is a chart I found via CollegeBoard: Trends in College Pricing 2011
It’s not very motivating to see that number keep on jumping up and up. There is going to be a problem when the tuition hike goes up so much that no one will be able to afford to go to college. I hope that problem gets fixed soon. Think about the pros and cons about a really high tuition.
  • Less Students
  • More 1 on 1 with Teachers
  • Graduation will be shorter
  • Less to almost no Money coming in from lack of students
  • Lack of Students
  • Less Teachers or trouble paying teachers
  • Won’t be able to offer a variety in Majors/Minors
  • Wasted Space from Expanding holding more students that aren’t their anymore
  • May have to shut down school
  • Have to make random budget cuts
Seriously, to me, the cons out weigh the pros. I would love to have less students. I’m not a big fan of the 50+ student classes. But I would be very upset if they had to cut out majors/minors because they don’t have the teacher force that they use to have. 
Well, I’m going to end it off here. I’m just saying that:
I seriously just added a meme here… Talk about… crazy.

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