Las Vegas.

Many of you if you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook will know that I went to Las Vegas for my birthday in June with my boyfriend.

I have to admit… I was slacking on putting up the pictures of Vegas on here. Well not anymore! Now everyone, stand back and be graced by pictures!! [They were taken with my iPhone 3GS… So don’t get too upset with some crappy quality of some of them.]

This was on the plane when we finally touched down in Texas after almost a long flight and then a long holding pattern. It was wet and tons of thunder/lighting.

With the storm, came a really long waiting period… Three hours to be exact and also… This was a picture sent to my friend when it finally parked…

This is an advertisement for some pretty earrings. 

Our shuttle chip.  

A snap shot of New York New York hotel.

Me on the way to the Ka by Cirque du Soleil. (A really good show! Totally recommend anyone going to Vegas to see it!)
My first drink on my 21st birthday!!!


I was trying to get on the internet and this popped up… 

My shiny new purse!
The next few pictures are from the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay!

Piranhas, which are illegal in Nevada (I can’t remember if it was the whole state or the city but I’m pretty sure the sign said state). The Aquarium had to get special permission to have them there. 

The touching pool.. Got to ‘pet’ the stingrays. 


Star Fish… I seriously didn’t think they get that big.

They are actually feeding the fish, which is really cool!
-End of pictures from Shark Reef-

The entrance of the Luxor. I was pretty sad how dead the hotel felt…  

Cue massive laughter to see blue screens on the advertisement screens. 

I thought this was the cutest advertisement to date

Massive bad taken pictures of Caesar’s Palace (I was on a moving bus while taking these)

Bellagio out in the distance. Pretty bummed that I didn’t get to go in there this time. I love smelling the flowers there and watching the fountain show.

I hate Elmo FYI…. I really don’t understand how people can dress up in those costumes out there in the heat? Also… I did get to meet Master Chef. Totally forgot to snap a shot of him. 

My next drink, which I want again… This is a Lemon Basil Vojito. Which is freaking amazing I have to say. I enjoyed it so much! I wish I had some basil and lemons here actually. I want to try to make some myself. I know they use lemon infused Skyy Vodka for it. 

Nothing looks cooler than Vegas, at night!!!

I didn’t get many pictures from our trip from Vegas to Texas, but this is how small our plane was back to Charlotte…

My boyfriend and I… Tired but ready to get off the tiny plane to get home!

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