A picture blog!

Here is a blog… Full of pictures!!!

We can’t start without an adorable picture of me? Can we?!

This is my girliness kicking in which my massive collection of stuffed animals~

I was at Hackerspace Charlotte on Tuesday and I snapped a shot of them firing a rocket.

This is pretty cool, if you cannot read the certificate. The Hackerspace Charlotte got this awesome certificate for having the largest QR code. Pretty niffy if I say so myself~ http://www.worldslargestqrcode.com/

I did mention I was getting Persona 4 Arena didn’t I? I found some really funny lines in the games. I have to admit, I seriously don’t like Chie’s voice actor all that much. She sounds… weird. Off. Strange.

I was really ill yesterday (August 9, 2012) and I when I got the game… I seriously played it from 12pm to 11pm. It is so good. I finished all the character stories up to the cliffhangers. I just finished Yu’s cliffhanger though.

What to do know the secret to bodybuilding? Akihiko certainly knows how to make it sound… Wrong. 
And finally a picture of me an hour ago while I was waiting for Team Fortress to load up! 


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