A life post… [updated!]

I tend todo a life post here and there. Most of the time they are usually a way to get my frustrations out into the world. But this time it’s a filler blog till I do more research on upcoming video games. Which is hard to do… When I personally don’t get the news right away. I wish I could.

Well I took on the blogging thing along time ago because it’s away to get my excitement out about all these upcoming video games. Totally love video games.

Did you know I actually wanted to get into the video game career? I wanted to learn how to make them but more on the aspect of making backgrounds… But I honestly suck at making backgrounds graphically, I can do with paper and paint. Also they had situation and game design program offered at CPCC. I just felt like it was a waste of my time. It wasn’t what I was looking for.

Anyways, I do enjoy all the work that goes into a video game. I tend to play them really fast to replay it again just to step back and enjoy all the art (be it character design, backgrounds, music, story) that was implemented! (I’m typing this on my phone right now and boy my wrists are killing me!!)

Back onto the life post. Another thing that I’m passionate about is art. I find all kinds of art amazing and down right cool. I dance, draw for a hobby, paint, sing, knit, play the violin (badly), and sew. I did do acting back in the day but let’s not go down that road.

(Why are people always in a hurry to get somewhere, especially in traffic?!)

I seriously think how drivers are now a days.

I do like taking pictures. But I wouldn’t say in a photographer… There are some people who can take way pictures than I can. I love make up too. I find anything colorful or interesting awesome.

I love going to galleries and staring at all the pretty colors. (I not a huge fan of modern art FYI).

I’m going to end my life post here for now.


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