Arkane Studios and Bethesda are coming out with a steampunk first person role playing game called Dishonored. This game is built on the choices that the main character (the gamer) makes throughout the game. These choices is on how you kill your targets. Either you go out guns blazing and kill everything including your target, go in stealthily and just peck off your target and be on your marry way, or have someone else do it for you and you don’t have kill a single person (yes you can go through the whole game without killing a single person).

So you are the assassin, Corvo Atano, who was framed for the murder of the empress. The Outsider allows Corvo to exact vengeance on the people responsible for the murder. I mean I would be the same way if I got framed for murder. The Outsider gives him a mark allowing him to have magical abilities.

This is what give the game a very interesting concept and one that really made me want to get this game. As Corvo, you can find many ways to kill and escape when perusing targets. Corvo can use his main weapons like knives, guns, daggers, etc. Then he could use his powers of stopping time for a few moments, possess animals and people, produce a massive gust of wind, blinking is a power that allows you to teleport to anything, see what people see through their own eyes, etc. I mean look at this, you are an assassin with magical powers. Magical. Powers. To me, that is really freaking awesome!

You can interact with many things through the game (remember it is not open world, it’s linear). If you see like a door with a keyhole, you can peek inside and see what is going inside. I’m assuming, I haven’t heard anything, you might be able to hear or find clues on what is going on in Dunwall or information about current targets, etc.

Also, there some awesome news about voice actors/actresses being in the game as well. You can find a press release here: Dishonored’s voice cast full of honored Hollywood Talent. I will give you a small list of who is going to be in it:

  • Carrie Fisher, from “Star Wars” Original Trilogy
  • Lena Headey, from “Game of Thrones”
  • Michael Madsen, from “Kill Bill”
  • Brad Dourif, from “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy  
  • and many more
I have to admit my excitement when I hear Carrie Fisher as a propaganda announcer throughout the city… Cue massive Star Wars fandom scream here… I love when games have amazing voice actors. No lie, put in voice actors I admire, you just sold the game for me… Even if the game is really bad or gets bad reviews, I will still get the game. Done. 
Time to cue in the trailer:
Dishonored is coming out October 9th, 2012!

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