Wait… I can draw?

Well. I honestly think I can’t… But that is besides the fact.

My friend up in Delaware started talking to me again. I have to admit it’s been ages since I heard from her and it’s so nice to catch up with her. I really want to hang out with her again, I honestly miss it… A LOT! She is so funny and awesome!!!!

Well, she decided to get me a drawing tablet as my belated birthday present and I cannot thank her ENOUGH! I’ve been looking for a new tablet for a while now! Totally have to thank her with like a big epic hug or something. I don’t know. I’ll figure something out. If you are reading this, I’m sorry, but I’m going to thank you with something awesome! So beware.

Anyways, I did post a video of me unboxing the tablet which you can find here:

I seriously think I sound retarded in the video but you can be the judge of that if you like…

To test the tablet out, I’ve been making small doodles with in till I finally got something that I really liked… Sorta. It is very small… If you are an avid person who goes on deviantART you will be able to see any doodling that I post on there. They will have blog posts on here as well, but deviantART will be the first to see them.

Here you go:

I did mention it was tiny, but I have to admit… The tablet is very nice to draw on which you get use to it. I’m one who likes to use Photoshop to draw because I understand how to use the layers a little better than on some other drawing applications. So… Yeah… I hope you like it!


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