My New Ferrari Enzo~

Well, I didn’t really get a Ferrari. As much as I would love a new Ferrari California, they are way out of my price range at the current moment and lets not talk about the insurance for it. -shudders-

Beautiful… Isn’t it? Gosh how much I really want one. This is the 2013 model. I would get it in pink if I did get one. Girlie moments…

Anyways. So my boyfriend got me a Ferrari. Well one that you build, because I have to admit… I love building stuff. You name it Legos, Lincoln Logs, Minecraft, Sims, puzzles, etc I will find a way to build or put them together. It’s just a great past time for me.

Here is the 2013 Ferrari Enzo… Which is a hybrid. That is freaking amazing.

Nice car isn’t it? Here is a picture of inners to show the hybridness:

That there is magical. Well to me… I love cars. My dad was a mechanic and was always around cars, trucks, machines, etc. I always found that stuff fascinating. We would talk about cars for hours on end and now its sad that I can’t do that anymore. -insert sad face here-
But lets get onto the main special, me building this thing! I only have pictures, but they are good pictures never the less!
You see the box? It’s skill level 2. This should be easy~

All the pieces scattered so they are easier to find.

Just put inside door handles on.

The dash and wheel are now inside. They have little sticker for the speedometer!

I got the meat of the car built and the damn chair backs were annoying to put on. They made it so one can fit on a certain one and didn’t tell you which one. I struggled trying to fit the chair back in when it couldn’t fit lol.

I got the rims, wheel, and attached the frame to the rest of the car. Success!

I love the rims~ Nice and shiny!

Here is the engine. 

Open doors.

Well another picture with the doors open.

The inside! The wheel doesn’t move. Which is sad…
I’m going to place this next to my model of the Cerberus Normandy!  

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