A Continuation of…

“What Movies to Watch in the Dark”

Well this is a continuation from the video game part at the end of this blog post…

Well you know about the video game named Amnesia the Dark Descent. Alright this game is really easy to explain. Run. Just fucking run. You can’t kill anything and staying in a dark room for too long drives you crazy to the point where you do kill yourself.
So you start this game in a building and there is a note asking you to find someone and kill them. On that note, you don’t remember anything about yourself besides your name, Daniel. You also know that there is a thing stalking you and he is trying to kill you. YAY!
Just to shake you up, watch this guy play this game:
There is a craze going around the internet right now on playing this free indy game called : Slender. Well, I have to admit it’s not that scary but I will tell you… It’s one of those that makes you jump. I hate when things pop out of nowhere. It’s stupid but the reactions of people playing is really funny.

Duncan did a really good job with finding the pages. I played the whole game with collecting all the pages to die at the end… Spoilers~  I suggest trying to play the game for yourself. It is free to play so no worries on having to pay for it. I’ll try to get a reaction video up… So you can laugh when I get a little jumpy here and there!


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