This is About the 3DS!

I am no way affiliated with Nintendo. This is my post about my opinions of their newest handheld system.

Many of my followers/readers/friends know that I have a 3DS and I got it when the system was released for the 249 dollars. Totally expensive (at the time of purchase, but with the new 169 dollar price tag, I suggest any DS gamers to upgrade either now to the smaller version or the new XL this version will 199), but well worth because I never got a DS before and this one is in 3D! Even better!

Lets get down with the specs of the 3DS. The biggest factor that you will notice is that it is in 3D with a slider on the right of the screen that allows you to adjust how much 3D you want to none at all. I mostly play with no 3D because it does give me a headache after a while, but if I want to watch the cutscenes of the game or there is a part in the game where it’s tell you have to be in 3D in order to advance the game… Then I will do it. When it comes to small children getting the system, if they aren’t about 8 years old… I will not sell them on getting this system only the original DS. I don’t want them to be playing then hurt their eyes. I do know that their are parent controls on the system to limit the 3D, but many parents don’t care nor understand how to use it.

I love the fact that the system now has an analog stick. I’m not a big fan of the placement of the analog stick. I prefer it to be below the d-pad so if the game does use the d-pad, I don’t accidentally bump into it and mess up what I’m doing. Also, I wish they did put two analog sticks instead of making us buy another analog stick to add to the system. That does add to the bulkiness of the system and I prefer not to bulk up my systems, unless it’s for a case.

There is a horrible glare when playing on the system outside or in the car. It makes very difficult to play games on the go like the system is ment to be use, on the go gaming. I know that the new larger version of the 3DS that they are going to reduce the glare, so I’m glad Nintendo spotted that.

The system is backwards compatible with original DS games. To answer some questions that some adults/parents may have about the system, you cannot play 3DS games on a original DS system! You don’t know how many times I do get that question from parents. It’s not possible. The cartridge is built so it can only fit in a 3DS system. Here is an example to visually explain it to you:

The Pokemon game on the left is the original DS cartridge and the Street Fighter game on the left is the 3DS cartridge. See how there is a little ‘nub’ on the side of the game? That allows to only be played in the 3DS and won’t fit in a DS. The whole idea of the backwards compatibility totally put the preorder for the system. If you read before, I never had a DS system! I love the Pokemon games and want to play them without having to borrow someone’s system. It also doesn’t help that the new Conquest and Pokemon Black and White Version 2 is going to be DS games.

There is two back facing cameras that allow you to take pictures in 3D, which is cool, but if you don’t have another 3DS system or a computer, phone, etc. What is the point of having 3D pictures? There is a front facing camera that can take 2D pictures. The cameras also have another role too. The cameras can be use to help make your Miis and the back facing cameras can be use to for AR cards. AR cards, also known as Augmented Reality Cards, also you to play games using these cards in the ‘real world’. For example, the game Kid Icarus Uprising used the AR cards to have battles with the characters in the games.

These AR cards in the game are collectable, but when you get your system you originally come with a pack of AR cards that you can use in other games that are either built in the game or can support them. I will say, I’m not a huge fan of the AR cards because they do get annoying to use after a while. If you don’t have the stand that came with the Kid Icarus game, your hands to get tired of holding the system in the sweet spot of the AR cards. Also the built in games that came with the system aren’t really that fun or easy to use…

Here are more pictures me playing on my 3DS with the game Nintendogs + Cats:

With each different AR card I used, the dog or cat will change their hat according to the character displayed on the AR card. Pretty niffty I have to say!

The system has this awesome feature call StreetPass where systems can speak with each other when they come within wireless contact. You can meet many other games with 3DS systems around the world. When the systems ‘speak’ with each other, they send information to one another. With this information, they can help gamers out with games that they are playing, messages, etc. There is a built in game called StreetPass Mii Plaza where Miis from other 3DS systems trade puzzle pieces or help them with their quest to saving their main Mii (if you play the second part, their children). If the gamer has a game on their 3DS that supports StreetPass and another 3DS system that ‘speaks’ to it has the same game, they can help each other out. For example, in the game Nintendogs + Cats you can StreetPass someone and their Mii can send you gifts like food or toys to your pets in the game. Pretty nice isn’t it! I do enjoy this little feature. It adds a feel of who has 3DS systems and what games are popular now!

Enough with the specs, lets talk about the games!

I have to admit, I have played games for the 3DS that is for the system exclusively but I have more DS games for it and play those more than the actual 3DS games. 

There are many games now for the 3DS (seeing how the system is a little over a year old now). They range from the cute little games where you take care of pets to the mature games like Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid.

[I have to stretch this is a really long post!!]

If I were to suggest games for your new 3DS system here is the list of 3DS only games:

  • Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Kid Icarus Uprising
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
This is where I’m going to stop this post and blog about those games and any that I’m looking forward on the 3DS in a later post! Also, I will be blogging about my opinions on the new XL 3DS!! So stay tuned! 

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