Computer Specs.

I have received questions about the specs on my computer from PC gaming post.

This is old picture of my computer. I have cute Zelda stickers all over it XD

I’m just going to let you know… My computer isn’t the best PC gaming computer out there and I honestly don’t have the money to build my own gaming computer at the present moment. I would love to…

I have a Sony Vaio computer that is two years old and for your view pleasure the specs of my computer.

First off it is running Windows 7 Home Premium, it’s not my preferred operating system, but I have it… Meh.
Now that you know about the operating system now lets talk about the meat inside.

I’m running an Intel Core i3 processor which tops at 2.13 GHz. There is 4 GB of ram which can be upgraded to 8 GB but it’s hard to find a good price for memory. If you can spot some cheap pricing memory please let me know!

I have a NVIDIA GeForce 310M video card inside and god, this is the first time I have NVIDIA video card in any my computers and I enjoy it a lot! It makes lot of the video games really pretty.


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