Work, Part 2

It has been awhile since I updated about my work situation. Any luck for me?


Seriously. I haven’t had the greatest time finding a job let alone get an interview. It’s so hard trying to find a full time job here in the states. I feel like I’m more wasting time trying to find a job than anything. I know I know. I do have a job right now, but a 7.40 dollar/hour paycheck isn’t going to cut it. [Just to let you know, minimum wage in the state of North Carolina is 7.25. Do the math. I’m making 15 cents more than minimum. Not happy.]

I have applied and sent my application to over 35 jobs in the past few months. Nothing. Not an email nor a phone call back. I’m seriously tempted to get a Head Hunter to find myself a job. The frustration is getting to me, badly.

I’m trying to find jobs where I play more of a leadership role than anything. I’ve been doing it throughout high school and honestly… That’s where I shine. As a leader, not as a follower. I was in JROTC in high school and seriously didn’t even know that in me that I could lead… Our battalion was a starting one. If I remember correctly, it was in it’s third year when I started. [Taking a break from job rank to go down memory road.]

The first accomplishment, it was my first award ceremony. I was a private. No rank at all. My name got called. I felt my peers stare at me and stood next to another peer of mine, a freshman like me, getting promoted to Private First Classes and a new job… Squad Leaders.

It didn’t end there, I moved up the ladder. I went from there to the assist of the S-3 (I honestly didn’t enjoy it that much but it was alright). I was promoted to a SGT when I finished my freshman year. Kept my job throughout my second year. Helping out in anyway I can and leading the new freshman in drills, lessons, etc.

Junior year was by far my best memory. I was promoted to 1SGT and became Bravo Company 1SGT. Yeah. I had to lead over 50 of my peers in Award Ceremonies and kept tabs on them throughout the school year to make sure my company stood out more than anyone. That same year, our uniforms got a new change too. I made the battalion a new school patch for their uniforms. Every cadet in that battalion is wearing a patch, I made, on every uniform from today and forever. Crazy, huh? Here is an example of a cadets uniform with the school patch on: The End of the Year Award Ceremonies came around and luck would have it I received a shiny metal. 

Yeah. I got that. The only one that year too! Here is the explanation of the ribbon:

“To be awarded to the most outstanding JROTC Enlisted (E1 ~ E9) Cadet(s) in the Unit during the past academic block/year. The award must be made to the Enlisted Cadet(s) who has/have consistently exhibited the best military bearing, personal appearance, deportment and leadership ability. Multiple awards can be given to outstanding Cadets in a Unit as determined by the Selection Board.

The award consists of a certificate, presentation folder, bar ribbon and drape with medal.

Candidates for this award should be selected by a board composed of the Unit’s Instructors and the Unit’s Cadet Officers.

A local NCOA Chapter and/or Auxiliary may, if possible, sponsor the award. If a sponsor is not available, the award may be purchased by the Unit or the School from the Award Program Coordinator. School JROTC instructors are reminded that, while an award may be authorized, the ability of a chapter/auxiliary to support them is not guaranteed and the Unit or School may have to purchase the award.”

I’m just sad that I didn’t grab it when I left my mother’s place. That ribbon means so much to me. It proved I can be a leader and stand out among my peers. Just to let you know. Many in the battalion could of win that award because only about less than 10% are commissioned officers.
Anyways, the following year, I took on the hardest job I had to face with. I was the S-1 Adjutant for our battalion. I was going to college at the same time while I was going to high school and doing as much extracurricular activities as I could for JROTC. I just never had enough time. I had to hold award meetings, staff meetings, make sure everyone got the correct the notes especially my battalion XO. We had to complete a [oh no I forgot what it was called] checky-thingambob where our battalion had to get checked and reviewed by our CO for CMS JROTC and two other important people. [Just to let you know that was years ago and it was the worst time in my life…] Amazingly from our best job and billions of powerpoints that I had to take care of… We got though it and got a unit with distinction star… Yay!!! Only got to wear it for a few months. Fun. Not my favorite year, but it help me with one important thing… I shouldn’t work retail.

Why? Retail is where you are suppose to go up to people, sell products, and. meet. a quota. In my case, video games. While it’s fun to get excited about video games. I don’t like getting excited about things that no one seems to get excited. I don’t play Halo, Call of Duty, Sports games. So working where I work… Is hard as hell. Trying to sell a Pokemon game is hard enough… I’m not a seller. I hate trying to sell things to people. It’s stupid. Not my cup of tea.

Me… I rather hold meetings, take notes, type information on to spreadsheets, keep company calenders straight, and lead people into new ideas and plans without fear. I’m a leader, a team player, a creator, an organizer, a planner, and above all… I’m Connie and I want a new job. [I miss being a leader.]

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