It’s been a while…

Hasn’t it ūüėÄ

Sorry for taking two weeks off. I had a long week of work the week before I headed of for Vegas! Oh yeah, I just had my 21st birthday and I had an amazing one! Loved every second of the trip to Vegas! I will totally show you some pictures of the scenery later. When I finally get them off my phone (too lazy to).

This is going to be another generated topic… So lets see what I get this time!


No joke. My topic is actually about Pokemon. That is actually pretty funny! Did you know, that last week a game here come out that is Pokemon related? Yeah, Pokemon Conquest! I actually got that game two days ago, because I was going to Vegas when the game came out and had couldn’t get it because the stores didn’t open before I had to leave to the airport.
Anyways. I just started playing the game and so far I enjoy it. It reminds me a lot of Devil Survivor, just toned down a lot and there is no killings involved! I love the game play and the characters (Warlords) are really cute! 
This is totally the female¬†protagonist. She is cute isn’t she?
From what I understand so far in the game is that I have to conquer other kingdoms and grow my army of warlords and pokemon. (I’m not that far in the game). You can establish links with your pokemon that you have now and establish new links when you are ‘catching’ pokemon. It’s quite an interesting concept. Something different than shoving pokemon into those tiny pokeballs. There is this¬†opposing warlord named Nobunaga that is trying to take over all the other kingdoms and the guy is evil. So of course, your job is to stop him! That’s all I know right now about the game. I still need to play some more, but so far I enjoy it a lot!
Now on the other pokemon stuff. You know about the anime. I remember when I was in First Grade ish… When I saw the first episode and watching Ash get his butt fried by Pikachu and Misty was a complete bitch. No lie. I thought Misty was the¬†stereotypical¬†complain-y white girl. I hated her a lot, watching the other episodes down the road she actually started to grow on me and didn’t annoy as much. She did get a little maturer as the anime went on. I just wonder why Ash didn’t get that and speaking of Ash… How old is that guy now?! 20? 25? 30?? Seriously… I will never know. That man never ages. ¬†I like the first three seasons of the Anime, but 4Kids killed a lot of it for me. I just ended up watching the Japanese Dub of it because I couldn’t bear listening to Ash’s voice actor… And at least I know in the Japanese version I don’t have to watch a sandwich go down the hill. I’ll show you what I mean:
Now you see the horror of censorship we have here. I remember watching an episode of Pokemon where Brock pulls out a rice ball and declares it a jelly filled doughnut. I screamed really loud: “Who would think that is a doughnut, clearly it’s a riceball. There is no doughnuts in America that looks like that…” It’s horrible. Jelly Filled Doughnut….¬†
Enough about the Anime… Onto the video games! My first handheld was the Game Boy Color. Remember those things? I got it at BJs in a pack. It was pink and came with Pokemon Blue, a Pikachu Game Boy case, and the game guide which contained a poster of the first 150 Pokemon.¬†
I love this sucker to death. Totally was overplayed. I even got the little light for it too. I just couldn’t stop playing on the thing. I gave it to my little brother and he got to enjoy the awesomeness that is Pokemon too just like I did so many years ago. I remember playing Pokemon and getting those link cables out and playing with my friends in the neighborhood. They always beat me though… I wasn’t any good. When I was in Middle School, I always brought my Game Boy to play on the bus, because the trip was a good 1 hour long and I wasn’t going to waste my time. (I used to do my homework on the bus, but CMS likes to cram a lot of kids on one bus and then have a long route that takes a good hour to 2 hours to finish… So doing my homework was out of the question.) So I would play Pokemon Blue and Silver. My friend let me borrow his Advanced and so I got to play Leaf Green.¬†
Once I got into college though, my boyfriend lend his DS to me and I got to play all the other Pokemon games that I missed. My favorites so far are Platinum (because of Shaymin) and SoulSilver (I love how all the Pokemon could follow me around)! Now I’m just waiting for Black 2 and White 2 to come out. I’m a little upset that they are 3DS¬†exclusives¬†because I think Nintendo just missed a big market right there for their 3DS system. A lot of consumers will upgrade their systems if it was for the newer¬†console. I see it all the time with kids, even me. If it’s a game I really like, I will upgrade my system.¬†
-yawns- Alright, I have to get up early tomorrow always so I’m going to hit the sack! I hope this blog post made up for the two weeks I was gone!!!

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