I seriously love candy. No kidding. I love anything sweet. Nothing is better than Japanese Candies.

I have invested in a few of the Poppin’ Cookin’ candies. You know the ones that you can actually make yourself and eat.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is a few videos that can help understand:

So I got this in the middle of last month and thought why not blog about it here…

I got a few candies from Jlist (only go to that website if your 18 years of age or older) and JBox (the safer website for kiddies that are 17 and under).

That is my boat load of candy that I got. They are relatively on the expensive side for candy, but they came from Japan so I didn’t really complain. My whole order was around 30 dollars including shipping. It took a little over a month for them to come in. I remember ordering them when I was still in school (April).
So the first candy I tired with the volcano one. I actually did a video of it and posted it on facebook, but I will show it on here so you can see how awesome it was!
It’s actually really funny how everything was in Japanese and I didn’t understand pretty much any of it. I only know what water and mountain is…

The candy actually smell really fruity and reminded me a lot like pure sugar and jack fruit
Next two, I don’t have videos for, but I did take two pictures of the end results. 
Sushi, which every single one of them tasted like grape….
The other one is where you make gummies and they all had different yummy favors. They were a little too powdery for my liking but they were good!
Uh Oh, I can’t find this one. I’ll post it later when I can find it…

So yep that is a wrap about them. Japanese can seriously make anything if they want to. This candy was all powder. No lie. ALL powder and water. That’s it. Even the little salmon roe on the sushi was made from powder. 
I’ll probably get some more later down the road and I’ll make another posting about it.
Anyways, so feed back from my readers (if you want to give feed back) what do you want me to talk about next? Leave a comment and keep it mature. I’m not going to talk about sex or anything of that nature. So keep that in mind!

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