Something About Me

[Edit: June 27, 2012] If you want to ask me some questions, message me or put them in the comments below!

What is my favorite ice cream favor?

If I was just getting any generic ice cream, I would totally get mint chocolate chip. It’s the best combination of sweet and refreshing. Then again, I love anything with mint in it. From peppermint tea to spearmint gum, it’s all amazing!!
When I was a child, what did I want to be when I grew up?

I totally wanted to be in ballet. You know wearing those amazing costumes and jumping around on my tip toes doing amazing dancing feats. I thought it was the prettiest kind of dance ever!
What is the last thing I do before I go to sleep?
I play a game on my PS Vita or on my 3DS (lately it’s been strictly Vita). I have to turn on my nightlight and have some type of music/video playing on my iPad before I crash.
Do I prefer winter or summer more?
I’m more of a summer girl. My birthday marks the start of summer and I was born in Florida, so of course, I love the heat and the sun. It just makes me feel a lot better and happier.
If I could choose my last meal, what would it be?
I must have steak and potatoes (or rice). I would have the steak rare and just die eating it. [Damn, my mouth is actually watering from the thought of eating steak.]
Where did I grow up?

Mostly in Charlotte, North Carolina. The boring-est place to be, well in my book. I want an adventure and move a way from this place the second I can.
Do I prefer cats or dogs?

Neither actually, I rather get a bunny before I get a cat or a dog…

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