The PlayStation Vita

This is by no way affiliated with Sony, this is based on my opinions on having and operating the system for a few months now!

The PlayStation Vita, it’s actually my pride and joy for on the go gaming since I’ve got it. I got on it’s official release date which was February 22, 2012. It was the same price as Nintendo’s 3DS when it came out so that 249.99 price tag wasn’t really something I wasn’t too worried about. I had to some aggressive saving and find some random stuff I don’t use anymore to trade for it as well.
Here is some background information on the system itself before I head into my opinions about it. The system itself has a front and back touchscreen, a front and back facing camera, two analog sticks (unlike it’s predecessors where it only had one), a WiFi version, and 3G/WiFi version. 
I have the WiFi version because I wasn’t going to pay for the 3G plan through At&t and not dropping another 50 dollars for it. I already had to drop a lot of money for the accessories, but that is for later in the post.
First impressions of the system was that it a lot bigger than the PSP 3000 (the version I had before). I enjoyed the screen and how the system didn’t look like it was going  to break in my hands. Turning on the system, you get this home screen (that’s after it’s initial and it’s asking for your playstation id for the billionth time… I didn’t like that). Everything is touch screen from dragging your finger (like moving to a new page in a book) to unlock the system to selecting what you want to do with your system. 
I don’t like how you always have to use your fingers to select what you have to do. I honestly wish I can change the screen back to the old cross media bar like it is in the PlayStation 3 and PSP. It organized it a lot better and it’s something that I’m familiar with.
At least I can change my background to what ever I want. I also like how on the top black bar it shows what is open. Closing applications is fun, because you just swipe it again like you are turning a page and it’s closed out. Oh yes, that means if you want to listen to music and play a game at the same time… YOU CAN DO IT! The system and multitask now!
Memory sticks for the system are totally out there in price. I got a 4GB stick originally and had to get an 8 GB one later because I ran out of room from downloading someone of my PSP games into my system. A 8 GB stick ran me 34.99… Really?! Did you see the prices for the 16 and 32 GBs?! 16GB is 50 dollars and the 32GB is 99.99… Seriously. I think the prices of these sticks are a little out there and totally shouldn’t be that overpriced. AND THEY ARE TINY. [You can see from the picture below. It’s the one right next to the PS Vita Cartridge]. 
The games are fun. I got three games with the initial launch. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, and Little Deviants. Games are actually not stupid annoying loud UMDs anymore, they are little tiny (smaller than the DS games) memory stick looking things. Which makes games a lot faster to load and quieter! 
Which does get a little scary, because I’m scared to lose them. They do make cases to carry your games which does come very handy and eases my mind. And besides that, the thing with the Vita is that there is obstacle of putting the games into the system. I have a case over my system because I want to protect my near 300 dollar investment. But even without the case, I have the hardest time putting games in and taking them out. Seriously, if you don’t have strong nails… You aren’t going to have a fun time. There is a “flap” that you have to pry open to get to where you can put the games in. It’s not easy. I actually dread the thought of putting games in. Even better, the Vita does not tell you what game you have in so you have to play a little guessing game to figure it out without opening the thing. 

Alright, besides complaining on how hard getting games are into the system. Lets actually talk about why I got the system in the first place… For the games!
Hot Shots is a reoccurring face on the Sony’s portables. I haven’t played any of the old ones, but I have been persuaded (over and over again) to try it out. I have to admit, this is the cutest golfing game ever. It’s quite a challenge too. The use of the touch screen is rather limited (I do like poking the animals and my golfer to see the little emotions that they do) and they mostly incorporated the buttons. I have one thing to say about this game. It’s cute. That’s pretty much it. The characters are something from an anime and the game play is just what you expect from any anime like game, you golf and then you have to face off with a better golfer than you. Do that over and over again and get tons of crowns and you pretty much got Hot Shots Golf in the bag. The game is pretty as well. The courses are impeccable in their design and the environmental factors (like rain, wind, etc) just make this game fun and challenging. 
Just like it’s predecessor, ModNation Racers: Road Trip is Sony’s call for Mario Kart. I seriously love this game. It’s one of my favorite racing games next to… Mario Kart. A lot like Little Big Planet, customization is one of the big factors that ModNation Racers is such a big hit with me. I love designing my carts from something extremely awesome to something just whacked out crazy. Even when it comes to the character and the actual tracks, customizing everything sucks hours from you. The ‘story’ is actually lots of fun and seems easy at first, but turn hard when you are trying to focus on being first and not racing off the track. You unlock more things customize when you complete the ‘story’ and like the PlayStation 3 version, you can import and export everything you’ve customized in the game and bring them into yours or other games as well. The graphics look like something right out of the PlayStation 3 and might be a little bit better. It something I would totally suggest any new vita gamer to pick up. [This game doesn’t use the touch controls as much in the races, but plays a big part during customization].
My boyfriend actually gave me this game because he heard how cute I thought the little deviants were. Which they are, don’t get me wrong. They are adorable. This is a touch screen heavy gaming and honestly… It wasn’t all that fun. I wish it was more of one those quick downloadable games that is only a few dollars not the price of a full game. But seeing how I was given the game, I didn’t complain too much. Little Deviants is a game where you have to help the Little Deviants go to certain goals in the game from using the rear touchpad to ‘roll’ them from one point to another point while collecting stars along the way and avoiding enemies. To using the built in gyroscope to move your Deviant through rings while he free falls from an airplane. The game was interesting for a few hours then got boring… It felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again. Not. Fun.
Anyways. I do like my PS Vita. I haven’t been playing the games I’ve gotten for it lately, because I’ve trying to catch up on games that I have on my PS3 and PC. I do play a lot of Persona 3 Portable. Just a little FYI, remember those games that used the D-Pad for the camera, you can actually set the vita to use the second analog stick to become the camera instead. Nifty Nifty.
I probably would enjoy my vita a lot more when two very anticipated games finally come out for it! Which is Gravity Rush and Persona 4: The Golden. Totally can’t wait ❤

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