What Movies To Watch in the Dark

Here is another topic selected by my handy dandy topic generator, What movies to watch in the dark?

I’m not a big fan of scary movies, because seriously, those make me fall asleep. Scary video games that are played on my computer is a whole another story. I can play them on my PlayStation, but on my computer… o.o The thought of it is already scaring me.

Alright. Back to the topic, Movies to Watch in the Dark. I’m totally going to bring up foreign films, because they are a little bit creepier than American Horror Films. No lie. They have more freedoms on what they can do.

First one, I actually watched this a total of three times. The first time when my friend showed it to me, the second time to understand what the hell is going on, and the third time to show my boyfriend. In English it’s called Ghost Game.

It’s actually banned in Cambodia and they seriously banned all Thai products coming into their country because of this movie. [The producers actually apologized for the movie].

The movie is about this guy, came to this island called Krujaba which had an S-11 camp where he killed prisoners there and then killing himself on May 9th. [That date is important]. Well there happened to be a curse that bad stuff happened on May 9th. So there were these television producers used to make a game where 11 contestants will stay at the camp (I think for a day, not sure) and survive. If they do, they will win 5 million baht, which is about 157,978 US Dollars.

Well, the contestants stay there and tour the camp during the daylight hours. The producers put cameras everywhere to watch what the contestants do at all times, just like some creepy Big Brother crap. The contestants wore prisoner outfits when the game starts. When it was nighttime (of course) all this crazy shit (no lie) started to happen and all the contestants just start dying…

I think that is enough for now, if you want to watch it, you have to look around for it. They do have English Subs for the movie, because I can’t speak nor understand a piece of Thai.

Wow seriously… I can only think of one movie?! Wow… Just wow… Fine. I do video games next. Here:

First one is going to be Doom. Not the original nor the second one. The third one. I played this one on my computer, because of course my dad wanted me to have some nostalgia from playing a game that got me into video games (that and Wolfenstein & Pokemon).

Let me explain a little about the game. You are a marine stationed to Mars on the UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation). Yep, space in the year 2145!!! Alright, well people started dying from something. (Like any scary video game). Well you, being the main character and all, have to go find out what the ‘hell’ is going on. (I’m serious when I put the quotations on hell). Well, you go find out what happens. You find out that the people on the station started hearing things and that causes them to go insane and get extremely freaking paranoid.

Then for some odd ass reason, they become zombies, start attacking you and other people, and the machinery that they are close by. Alright, creepy. I mean the blood on the walls and screaming throughout the game does get a little weird. And all though nice happy people that you met are all gone… Dead. AND EVERYWHERE YOU GO IT’S REALLY FREAKING DARK TO THE POINT WHERE YOU HAVE YOUR FLASHLIGHT OUT ALL THE TIME!

You find out that the scientists on the station, found a portal thing… To hell. No joke. That’s why there is so much crazy crap going on… (It’s always the scientists fault for some reason).

The thing I hate about this game is one part, where you start hearing stuff yourself. [I’ve been trying to find a youtube video for it. Not finding a good one.] Yeah… Totally should try this game out if you like.

[To Be Finished Later]


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