A Random Skill I Want to Learn…

Is web design and Photoshop.

No lie. I’ve used Photoshop a lot before when my dad was able to get his hands on it from school, but now… It’s quite hard. I seriously don’t want to pay that much for a program. I already have to spend a lot of an overpriced operating system *coughs*windows*coughs*. [Yeah, I’m not upgrading to Windows 8, that thing looks like a load of crap, next computer is going to be a mac… When I can save up for it…]

Anyways… I love messing around with Photoshop and editing pictures. I use to do it a lot when I was blogging on xanga A LONG TIME AGO! I just wish I got my camera from my house… That’s if I can find it when I finally go there to get that stuff. [Not excited about going to that dump I called a home].

Look at me, going off topic. Web design, I know some html coding like page breaks and color codes. Like 00CC00 is like the color of Link’s Tunic in the original Legend of Zelda. [I hope my facts was straight on that one because come on, who names a naked chicken ooccoo?!]

I would love to make this blog prettier…


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