Colors. Without them…

Our world would be so boring.

Well… Black and white can be pretty when it comes to photography but other than that, I don’t see how we can survive without colors.

That was a stupid little spew about the most random thing ever but anyways… I was thinking about talking about (I just pulled out a topic generator and whatever it gives me I’m writing about it): It gave me The Worst Way to Die. Lovely, what a great topic to talk about… 
Alright, for me I think the top worst way to die is a slow one. You have to suffer so much before that time comes were you close your eyes and sleep. I honestly don’t want to die a slow death, a quick one is one that I rather have. Just to get it over with. It’s going to happen no matter what, no matter how much I don’t like it, it’s going happen…
You never know when that grim fate that we all have is going to come. It may be in a few seconds or 5 years from now. I honestly can tell you, I fear death more than anything in this world. The thought of not being here and seeing my friends is the worst feeling ever. I’ve been around death way too much, from my many of my close family members dying (my own father died less than a year ago from colon cancer) to some of my close friends ‘dying’ on the inside. 
To me, death isn’t only just the end of one’s life as we know it or [you can read this big essay]. If one just gave up on life thinking that everything isn’t going their way so they are going to end it by just being a sponge sucking up air and crying all day, that’s their death which they can be reborn from… Yeah. I’ve had a couple of those before and still kind of suffering though one. I’m not very happy on how my life has been going in the past year so… Yeah.
I actually seen some of my friends go though this a lot in high school. They feel like they aren’t worth anything and tried (and failed) killing themselves. I’ve seen them just talk about how their life isn’t the greatest and seen the world around them change to the point where they just don’t want to be apart of it anymore. Too many high expectations from their parents to do well in school, to trying to find a job because they can’t live with their family anymore. There was a lot of shit that happened at school…

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