Ancient Stuff

I’m a huge fan of historical stuff. I’m serious the word stuff is appropriate here. From the architecture to their religion and everything in between I love it all.

If I had a load of money, I would seriously take a trip around the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Japan, and Egypt.

I would take a lot of time in Egypt. If it wasn’t so crazy there right now, I probably would want a hut there. I love their architecture, stories (mythology), and art. It so interesting and for a while, the capital of the known world was located in Luxor, Egypt. Inventions that we use today, started with the Egyptians. It’s amazing that something extremely old is still being used.

I’m not a big fan of Asian Mythology unless it’s Japanese. Some Chinese Mythology interests me, but not a whole lot.

If I was still going to school, I would get a degree in Humanities and probably find a way to get a Doctorate in Humanities as well. No joke. I would do it. It’s something that interests me a lot and I can use that knowledge on something… It’s not about the money for it. I just want to do something I love. YOLO! <– HA I used it!

I still need to find a job myself so I can go to school. At least I do have an Associates Degree in Arts, it’s a start.


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