Nyeh. It’s Just Another Sunday.

I haven’t been feeling all that good today… I wish I felt a lot better than being bedridden on such a beautiful Sunday.

But that’s my luck… Pretty day, gets stuck in bed. Fun.

To combat my pain of being bedridden, I’ve been finishing up my play through of Kingdoms of Amalur. I have to say, it’s like a very colorful Skyrim game. Just minus random dragons flying out of nowhere to kill you and no stupid “I was an adventurer like you, till I took an arrow to the knee,” every time you go to a town.

I didn’t beat Skyrim, it got boring… Fast. Kingdoms took me a while to finish because of other games that came out and the… I-Just-Got-Kicked-Out-of-My-House isn’t really helping the cause of playing video games. But besides that, I’m happy that I finished Kingdoms. I got to fight a lady dragon 😀

It was fun. I’m going to try and find another game to keep me occupied for a while. Mass Effect 3, I’ve already beaten it on the PlayStation 3 and I got to finish it up on the PC. I might just end up playing Minecraft or the Sims 3 until Gravity Rush and Lollipop Chainsaw comes out. Speaking of which, I’m going to end on this note…
Have you seen this amazing video that came out for Lollipop Chainsaw?!

Your dreams just came true ❤


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