So, I just got out of college (with an Associates Degree in Arts) and I have to find a job.

A full time job actually.

Honestly, I’m not excited. It’s not easy to find a job here.

I live in Charlotte and if you aren’t a banker, programmer, or doctor/nurse, you aren’t really going to make it here. Some might contradict this, but it’s what I see and unless I can find a job… I’m not going to change my mind about this.

I have three jobs, two of them where with the same company and same position. I had one other year of any real job experience from JROTC and that’s it. Some of these companies want me to have over five plus years and quite frankly, I don’t have that. I just have the skills. There bare minimum. -annoyed-

So what am I suppose to do? I’m getting paid minimum wage right now and need to find a place to live. I didn’t say want… NEED. Not fun. Not one bit.

I want to find something that I would enjoy. I can’t go to school anymore until I find a job and have enough money for it.

So basically this is how I feel right now…

I am hardcore searching for one or two if I have to… [I don’t want to, but it’s sure looking that way.] I really want a job that deals with the fine arts. You know:
  • Art Curator
  • Data Entry
  • Organizer 
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Etc.
Some of them are just off top of my head right now… I seriously am getting pretty jealous of the people who are on YouTube and they make a few videos here and there and they strike gold. I’ll just sit here look for more jobs and entertain myself by either decorating a house on the Sims or playing on my PS3 or PSVita. 
Here is a picture of my computer about to play Mass Effect 3:
Here goes my life… [More wishing that was Diablo III on my screen and not Mass Effect…]

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